Messege From Fr. Jossy P George(Spiritual Advisor)

We are indeed very happy that God has blessed us with a common communication portal today as we launch our website, the website of Sanders' Youth. We live in the era of fastest communication revolution, and I am sure this effort will help us to have better understanding and more network among ourselves. I sincerely appreciate the hard work of our youth in designing this website and hope that this medium will help us in better communication and collaboration.

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Sanders Youth

Sanders Youth is an association of young and vibrant members from Kerala who are settled in and around Indiranagar, Bangalore or have come here for work. The association is guided by the Malayalam Catholic Community of Resurrection Church at Indiranager. In 1987, ten young minds joined together with a vision to harness the energy of youth to work for the welfare of the society. In the initial days, the main objective of the Youth group was to assist the activities carried out by its parent association- St. Sebastian’s Welfare Association. As years passed by, more and more enthusiastic minds joined the group which gave birth to an independent association named ‘Sanders Youth


Our Vision

True to our motto, we as ‘Helpers of Mankind’ organize and execute many activities for the welfare of the society. We believe in making a difference in the world with small acts of kindness. To achieve this vision, we conduct prayer meetings, outreach programs, fundraising events and medical camps on a regular basis. We also organize certain fun filled events as part of festivals to bring unity and interaction among the community.

News Events

Silver Jubilee Year of Sanders Youth

Holy Week Programme

Palm Sunday : As on Sunday

Holy Thursday:

6.00 PM :Celebration of the Lord's Supper

10.00 PM to 10:55 PM: Malayalam Mass
No Morning mass

Good Friday:

8.30 Am to 10:00 AM: Way of the Cross

6.00 PM: Celebration of the Lord's Passion

Holy Saturday:

7:00 PM: Easter Vigil Service

No morning Mass

Easter Sunday:

10:00 AM:Malayalam Mass

No evening mass

New Members

Christin John(From Thrissur,Working in Yahoo)

Linju Jose(From Thrissur,Working in DRDO)

Titto Johnson(From Thrissur, An Account Associate)